In the era of digitalization, if you don’t have a website for your business, you are sure to leave behind in the race and you should not let this happen at any cost. Your potential customers are surely going to visit your website to learn and know about your products and services and when they don’t find you in the virtual world, they will surely move on to your competitors. Having a user friendly, engaging, simple and well-designed website is must for you and Web Creations Technologies is a destination where this magic is designed.

At Web Creations Technologies, we do understand the importance of your virtual presence and we keep no stones unturned to offer you best web design services that can serve the core purpose. We have a promising portfolio and all the resources available to cater your needs in a best possible manner.

Being a leading web design company in India, we have helped many startups and giant companies to come up with an exceptional virtual presence that can boost their revenue models and brand recognition to a great extent. Irrespective of the nature of your business, we offer tailored web design services of the highest quality at the best affordable price in the market.



We have a team of some top notched website designers whose creative aptitude will surely benefit your business for long-term. They are masters at their craft and will come up with simple, yet effective and comprehensive website designing alternatives that will surely love by your customers and your web traffic will enhance dramatically. These professionals always strive to meet challenges and stay updated with latest technological advancements and, thus implement them in their practice.

By hiring our web designers, you are hiring some of the best brains in the country who have carved a niche for themselves by offering quality web design solutions to clients. They offer best web design for your business that can help your customers to visit your side more often.


Static website design

A static web design is a design with fixed content that is there to stay permanently. It has fixed HTML code and the content will not change unless an admin of the website does it manually. It is a most basic type of website easy to make. In this type of web design, you need to code some HTML pages and just upload them to the web server. If you are in a business where regular updates won’t be there, you can go for static website design. It costs you almost nothing and you won’t have any issues once the website is live.

Some of the advantages of static web design are:

  • It is very easy to create and host such websites
  • Easy to design and build and will be ready in a day or two
  • For smaller companies, it is the best way to reach out to masses as it is cost effective and viable option


Dynamic website design

When you have a business where you need to update content regularly on the website, you need to have a dynamic website as a static website won’t work there. It takes more time and efforts to create a dynamic web design than a static one. Some of the languages our designers use for dynamic websites and dynamic websites are easy to navigate and use and your users would love that.

If you have any customized products or services and you want to display them in a unique manner in your website, Dynamic websites can do it in a brilliant manner.

Our web designers will come up with unique web designs that will surely attract customers and retain them for a longer period of time.


Website re-designing:

If you are not happy with your current web design and want to redesign your website, you can remember us as we will surely make your website more user-friendly and more engaging than it is currently.

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