A press release is a written form of communication that is directed towards the people who are a part of the news media world. It can be for both print and electronic medium. From a brand point of view, the Press release or PR is mainly used to convey the news of a new product or service. At times, it is also the way of informing the news media about major changes or accomplishments of the company. Though the PR the news media will come to know about the details of the news and report it depending on its worthiness.


The requirement of service

One search on the internet and you will get the format of writing a PR. Then, why do you need press release writing services? It is due to the same reason you take pride in the service you are providing, expertise. Anyone can write a PR but there are very few who can provide you with such write-up that is effective. The journalists receive hundreds of PR copies every day and most of them end up in the waste bin. If you do not want your copy to have the same fate, then the touch of expertise is required which we provide.


The basic format

If you know about the format of this form of writing, then you can very well skip this section. For those who are not aware, there are the elements that are necessary to ensure that the copy you are sending our falls in the lines of being eligible. Let’s take a look

  • The title of the PR should never be flowery. It should be direct that actually conveys the purpose of the entire piece. It is because that gives the journalists an idea of what they are going to read. Thus, the headline should be explanatory.
  • Then come the part of synopsis or summary. In two or three lines, the entire body of the PR is explained. This quick glance at the subject matter will help the reader in understanding and determine the effectiveness of the piece.
  • Then comes the date and place, it is the date on which you are sending out the PR and from which place.
  • Ultimately, we reach to the body part. It is always written in inverted pyramid style. It is a journalistic form of writing in which the main information is provided in the first paragraph. The next ones explain the main news with more details.
  • Then comes the ‘about’ section that contains the details of the company and also the other services they are dealing with.
  • The next part is the details of the person along with contact whom the journalist can contact in case of any confusion. This section is referred as media contact information.
  • The writing style of PR is crisp and concise without the involvement of any form of flowery language.

At a glance, the format can be confusing but when our experts are writing, they make sure to construct in the best way possible that makes an impact on the journalist reading it. Moreover, our well-versed experts in press release writing are capable of inducing uniqueness with their strong writing in the same format that is also used by others. We provide you with such writing that is good to read besides being efficient and effective in purpose.


Answering the questions

This was about the technicality of the PR but now we talk about the things that should actually go into the body. Here we talk about the questions you need to answer in the piece, the 5 W’s and 1H.

  • Who: The key players involved and towards whom your product is directed.
  • What: The new news that you are going to announce
  • Why: Why is the news important so it needs to be announced?
  • Where: The place where it is happening.
  • When: The timing of the announcement and what significance it adds.
  • How: how the product or service idea is convinced and what benefits will it offer?


The model of distribution

There is no point in just getting the PR written until you have a proper distribution channel. Generally, the in-house PR or the PR agencies are the ones that can help in taking your news to the journalists. A strong copy will ensure that the PR gets published in the newspaper or broadcasted in electronic media.


Availing our service

We have kept the process of getting our service very easy. All you have to do is drop us a mail and our representatives will get in touch for more details. You can also ask for quotes by providing details.

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