13 / July / 2015

Top Visual Design trends which will rule in 2015

Every New Year brings with it new trends and new stats, which professionals from that particular filed need to follow in order to not just survive, but shine in the crowd. The year 2015 too has its do’s and don’ts, where Graphic designing trends are concerned. When asked by most veterans in the field, the one thing that almost every person stressed on was “Simplicity is the king or the ruler for 2015”. This year the trend would remain revolving around simple techniques, even with all the complex one flooding the screen. Flat designs, short social media videos, parallax scrolling are the simple things or trends which will manage to catch high positions on chart this year.

It’s not always great to blindly follow the trends, but keeping aware and updated is a must, as change is the new in, which we can see in almost every field and sector, associated with our life and work. Working with the latest trends in visual design must not be the sole idea, rather focusing on what can work, should be the POA. The shift today is diverting on focusing on designs that appeal to international viewers rather than just the locales. So, here is a quick run through of the visual design trends for 2015, which can work wonders for your work and clientele.

The top five visual design trends that will manage to top the charts this year are

  • Flat design elements will be popular, which will be led by the changes in software design and apps. Even stats indicated a 200 percent increase in the download count of flat design elements. The shift towards this trend is clearly visible and is going to stay.
  • The use of Instagram-esque images saw a huge momentum last year, the increasing popularity of mobile apps and retro cameras, increased search for filtered images which saw a 661 percent rise in 2013 are trends that are expected to remain this year as well.
  • The most searched image search terms are BYOD and 3D printing, where each one saw a rise of a very high percentage and this will be anticipated in 2014 as well.
  • Video is the new fad that is driving popular sites into visual storytelling concept. Easy access to new image capturing technology, one such as 4K is bound to gain momentum. The most popular video content ideas cover transportation, 3D renderings and cityscapes.
  • Designers are expected to inculcate stronger emotional connections in designs, which can be said seeing the increasing demand of people and other subjects in real life.

So, here are the top 5 visual design trends for 2015, which you must follow, if staying ahead and growing more is your aim for the year. Best of luck!

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