17 / July / 2015

Top 10 programming languages for 2015, which can help developers immensely

The rapid development and technological influence in Information Technology has paved way for amazing opportunities in the field of software development and related areas. Programmers today are handsomely paid professionals whose demand is getting better quickly. A programming language can add to your career curve significantly by giving your salary sale a quick, yet amazing start. So, for the year 2014, here is a list of top 10 programming languages, which can help in getting you that job of your dreams.

  • C Language: Ranked among the most used programming languages, syntax of C++ and Java originated from C language. Its versatility and usability has helped C Language in surfacing as the most popular languages and the trend will continue this year as well.
  • Visual Basic: Implemented on .NET platform by Microsoft, VB is considered to be one language that’s easy to learn and use. Developers use VB to create graphical user interface, remote data objects, and Access databases and create ActiveX controls and objects.
  • C++, packing both low level and high-level features, C++ was developed as an improvement of Language C. C++ has emerged as a powerful language, which is used for coding a large number of programs; some entail the most popular ones as well.
  • JavaScript: Smaller than Java, this one’s an object-oriented scripting language that runs on client-side web browser with simple commands and easy codes, with no need for compilation. Millions of WebPages use this language to improve design and cerate useful applications.
  • Objective C: It’s an object-oriented language that adds to the C Programming language Smalltalk-style messaging and is a general purpose language. It’s in great demand and mostly finds use in Mac OS X and Apple iOS.
  • SQL: Standing for Structured Query language, it’s one of the most used open source relational database management systems that operate as a server presenting many users access to multiple databases. The scope of SQL is wide and finds use in many programming activities.
  • PHP: Designed for web development, it’s a server-side scripting language used for general programming as well. 244 million websites and 2.1 million web servers use PHP, which presents high-speed scripting with caching, augmented compiling code, which can help in adding to the scope of this language significantly. Facebook runs on PHP, now you can understand the potential.
  • Python: Easy coding makes this a language for beginners. Used for writing scripts of mobile apps and websites particularly, it’s also used in creating executable and standalone programs while making use of third party tools. Google, Yahoo, PInterest, Instagram are some names which use Python.
  • HTML/CSS: HTML aka Hyper Text Markup Language is a markup language used for presenting and structuring online content and is core technology of the web. CSS aka Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing semantics of docs written in a markup language.
  • Java: An object-oriented language used for programming, it saves programmers from the hassles of recompilation. The demand for Java has seen an astounding improvement in past few years, making it get placed among the best in the lot for this year.

So, these are the top 10 programming languages for the year 2014, learning and using which can change the fate of developers and programmers in the coming time.

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