15 / July / 2015

Some tips to make content “visible” in 2015

Content writing is a field that sees a lot of drift, every new SEO update by Google is enough to bring in drastic changes in the way writing is done. So, instead of getting carried away by that ‘change’ word, learn about how to keep pace with this changing scenario, while staying within that “cream layer”.

  • Remember, it all revolves around ‘quality’ now, the buzz word, which by no means can be overlooked. Here are few tips, which can help you keep that writing angel within you working at its best, while producing content that can satisfy you and your readers alike.
  • Your audiences or your readers are your judge, so always try and work according to their prospects and vision. Stepping in to your audience’s shoes is a simple way of garnering not just readers, but appreciation for your work.
  • It’s no more about keywords; these are indispensable, but only for the web crawlers and not your readers. So, do this smartly and artistically, without making the readers feel that the phrase has been fit forcefully and without any requirement.
  • It’s no more about how many words; it’s about how informative and useful to readers. So, saying that long content is boring or short, crisp content can help in nailing it, are both wrong. It’s you who should decide that how much is actually enough.
  • Try presenting what’s reliable, as readers would like reading about what you are and your business is all about, rather than all the decorative and beautiful words, which you’ve written just to add to your site’s visitors, with no specific reason.
  • Instead of boasting about you being the best in the industry, try being neutral and try writing what readers find natural. No one online has the time to read your tell tales of appreciation, as no one today has the time and energy to put that much effort in. So, say only what’s natural and stop being boastful.
  • A dish is first eaten by eyes before tasting the same. So, try creating content that’s appealing and enough to catch a user’s engagement, as content can get viral if it has in it that “wow” factor.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors are a complete no-no. Also, using words which require consulting dictionary must be kept away. As content which has typos or words which are far from an average reader’s capability is never welcomed by anyone, not even your favorite readers and regular followers!

Writing quality content, whether for SEO or any other purpose, must be done with originality. Copying and rephrasing content written by someone else must never be on your to-do list. Being original and creative can help you bag more readers, than rephrasing a content which is really popular online. Above mentioned few tips can help you in creating some great pieces of content in the coming time. Stick to these and make your content viral and visible!

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