16 / July / 2015

PHP frameworks top ten list for 2015

Clean and structured web development comes by practice, experience and use of the right tools. PHP frameworks are a bunch of such super functional tools that helps in creating clean and structured web development. With these, the conception and maintenance of PHP web applications gets quicker and convenient. Every year developers in the field come up with a list of ten such popular frameworks that should be most used in a particular year. With the second month already rolling in, here is a list of top ten PHP frameworks, which would be on the top choice of developers.

  • Laravel: Touted to be the #1 PHP framework in ongoing era, it’s powerful, elegant but easy to use and learn. It’s a tool worth trying.
  • Yii: Particularly popular when creating Web 2.0 applications, it’s a high on performance tool that’s loaded with out-of-the-box features. DAO/Active Record, MVC, Caching, Scaffolding, Authentication and Role-based Access control are some of its highlights.
  • Flight: An extensible micro framework for PHP, this one is simple, fast and help developers in easily, quickly and conveniently creating RESTful web applications. Its simplicity never takes up its powerfulness.
  • Medoo: With just one file of 109kb, Medoo is the lightest PHP database existing and is used as an ideal micro framework for simple and small applications.
  • CodeIgniter: Aka CI, it’s a top MVC framework, which has been in the industry for long and is used extensively by developers, who never get disappointed while using this tool.
  • Kohana: It’s an object based MVC web framework, that’s open-source and created with PHP5 by a team of volunteers, Kohana works swiftly, securely and easily.
  • PHPixie: Formerly a part of Kohana framework, it’s a new, yet popular name in PHP development. What makes it popular is it being MVC compliant, powerful and easy to use.
  • Symfony: Dating back its inception to 2005, with its powerful MVC framework, it’s a known name in enterprises. It hails its inspiration from other popular frameworks like Django, On Rails, Ruby and Spring. Developers say Symfony is one of the most complete frameworks in PHP.
  • Phalcon: This one’s a full stack, open source tool for PHP 5, written in C-extension and customized to deliver top performance. It does not require knowledge of C language and presents extensive capabilities in building web applications.
  • Pop PHP: Pop is a framework that’s for developers of every level. It helps novices in creating that strong grip and is equally useful for the experienced developers by giving them a lot to explore and learn

So, here are the top 10 PHP frameworks for the year 2015, which experts believe will be most used among PHP developers to create wonderful and exclusive web applications of a plethora kind.

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