10 / July / 2015

6 tips which you should be following when doing e-commerce SEO

SEO for shopping cart or ecommerce websites can be really diversified. Seeing the fiercely competitive landscape of e-commerce, every brand wishes to leave its peers behind in the race. Thus maintaining that perfect balance of SEO and usability seems mandatory. So, if you too are involved in a shopping cart SEO project, then here are few golden tips to help your efforts rock in the year 2015.

  • Having a simple site structure is the key to attracting and keeping customers, as users of today lack one thing a lot, which is ‘time’, so, make it simple. Having three primary menu navigation options for the home page, department store and product pages is enough, rather than creating a clutter. In case, you have a site which has thousands of products to select across multiple brands, then its best to use a simpler approach, which is categorizing the right way. Most big fishes use this plan, where whenever a user gets into another sub category level, the previous one vanishes, erasing complications and making it easier.
  • Canonical Tags must be a preferred choice, which has already been popularized by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft since 2009. Any webpage that can be reached with more than one URL must possess a canonical tag, to ensure legitimacy. Modified URLs can cause content duplicity, spider blocks and decreased keyword relevancy, which can affect the SEO strategy of any ecommerce store greatly.
  • Simplified keyword URLs can help in creating a great impact on the SEO efforts of any online store, which can even prevent duplicate content. Use one URL combined with dynamic breadcrumb navigation tailored according to the site visitors’ entry path. Using one version of the URL as canonical can also help in keeping URL’s simple.
  • Focusing on SEO departments, categories, product names, titles and H1 tags is crucial. Try thinking like a user will think and search about a product. This helps in making site navigation easier for users and even contributes in optimizing the website for some important and relevant keywords.
  • Having unique product descriptions is a must and never try to copy what others have used for describing the same product as yours. Having distinct product descriptions when posting on different websites can help, so always follow this approach.
  • Schema.org. which is a machine-readable markup, that search engines make use of to recognize and classify content must be used. Google likes this approach and helps with the Webmaster tools as well, when using Scehma.org on your ecommerce store.

So, above mentioned are six essential tips or advices, which if used wisely can help in turning SEO of your ecommerce site into a success. So, follow these and get ready to get your site ranked high on SERPs that matter.

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